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About Us

Nori School Kids


Established in 2010 in Fairfax, VA, Nori School Kids we has a talented and experienced staff who love working with children and seeing them learn and grow. Nori School Kids was opened to provide an enviroment for children to gain a variety of academic skills and socio-emotional development.

Nori School Kids is a full-day, private pre-school, coveniently located right off Rte. 50 in Fairfax, Virginia (just west of Fairfax County Parkway).  We have a low student-teacher ratio, an ideal setting to ensure that each child gets individual attention.  Our staff speak English and Korean, and lessons are taught in both languages as well.  However, children and families who wish to join Nori School are not required to speak Korean or fluent English.  We welcome children and families who speak any language(s) and from all cultural backgrounds.


The curriculum at Nori School Kids is diverse and engaging.  Some of the main academic subjects we focus on are:

Language Arts - We use a multi-lingual approach to emphasize phonics and storytelling.  Children learn their ABCs, reading, writing, and read children's literary classics and the latest literary phenomena.

Math - We learn and explore through a variety of manipulatives, specifically, games, flashcards, Gabe, Tangrams, etc.

Arts and Crafts - We work with a great variety of mediums and subjects while developing creativity and fine motor skills.  Arts and Crafts also can center around science, cooking, social studies, or math, etc., while the kids are just having fun!

Science - We have fun introducing and exploring lots of scientific themes from biology to chemistry to space.  We use books, and different tools, like scales, magnets or thermometors, and books, as well as sensory items like sand, rocks, water, and clay, etc.

Foreign Language - Nori's Korean immersion program has been very successful. Students take both English and Korean classes, and all other classes are taught in English and Korean.  The children have become very comfortable communicating their thoughts and ideas with children speak different languages.  We are considering incorporating Spanish and/or other languages into lessons in the future, and welcome speakers of any language to join us. 

Dramatic Play - We allow the children enough free time to explore their own creativy with plenty of dolls, puppets, play areas (kitchens, stoves), dress-up clothes, etc., and we put on plays.

Special Events - Every Friday we bring all of our age groups together for a different, uniquely-themed lesson, such as, cooking, gardening, recycling, holidays, etc.

Outside Play - Weather permitting, we go outside every day to our large playground where the children can engage in more dramatic play, further developing their creativity and gross motor skills.

 Daily Schedule 

Preschool / Pre-K Classes


9:00~9:30: Circle Time

9:30~10:00: Group1 (Languages)

10:00:10:30: Group 2 (Activities)

10:30~11:20: Playtime

11:30~12:00: Lunch

12:00~12:30: Group


(Story time)

12:30~2:30: Nap

2:30~3:00: Snack & Free-play


Afternoon Classes


3:00~4:00: Group 4 

(Language & Activities)

4:30~5:30: Group 5 

(Language & Activities)


Nori School puts a high value on communication with the parents. We often take photos of the children during class time and special event days and upload them to a private Facebook page.

We offer tours of the facility by appointment.

We look forward to meeting you at Nori School Kids!

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