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​"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world".  -Nelson Mandela

Teachable moments happen around us all the time.  At Nori School, we like to make the most of the naturally occuring teachable moments, as well as create them.  Therefore, our students are learning something new almost every moment of the day.

It's incredible how a child this age absorb  information like a sponge, and it's important to take advantage of this while they are still young. 

We introduce our students to cooking, arts & crafts, science, sensory items, science, language arts, math, dramatic play, outside play, and foreign laguage.  

​2- to 3-Year Olds: Preschool Class (K1)

Our early learning fundamentals prepare your child for future education by incoporating cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development. Our program features daily activities that encourage children's literacy, mathmatics, science, and social skills. Themed activities are provided to help children become problem solvers and develop a love of lifelong learning.

4- to 5-year olds: Transitional Kindergarten Class (K2).


As your child learns to make decisions and follow routines, we provide experiences that encourage independence, and a love of learning. Your child will learn how to communicate through our excellent literacy progrom, and develop healthy mind and body through indoor and outdoor activities that enhance fine- and gross-motor skills.

Afternoon Class (K3)

We provide a comfortable and safe environment for our after-school program. From homework support to fun physical activities, we offer a balance of learning and fun until your child goes home happy.

AFHCC Programs (Air Force Home Child Care)

Nori School is the first home child care program in the state of Virginia to be selected by The Air Force Community Care Program

The Air Force  HCC program provides childrencare for U.S Air Force Reserve/ Guard members.

Care is provided in quality family care homes throughout the united States.